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    Mphatso Children's Foundation

    Mphatso Children’s Foundation exists to ‘Feed the Children, Grow the community and Impact the Future’ for those living in extreme poverty in rural Malawi.

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Feeding the Children, Growing the Community and Impacting the Future

Mphatso Children’s Foundation is a small grass roots NGO that works alongside the local people in the Nkhata Bay District of Malawi. MCF came from Robyn Casey’s awareness that children in this district were often going for up to three days at a time without a proper meal. Initially Robyn began a small nursery school in Mkuonda Village to ensure that the primary school aged children in the village received a nutritious meal a day and a pre-school education. From this small start in 2004 Mphatso has grown and now feeds and educates over 1,000 children a day through 12 nursery schools, and is now spread along a 40 km stretch of Lake Malawi. Mphatso is a registered NGO in Malawi and a registered charity in Australia. Mphatso now employs over 60 local staff in Malawi and runs numerous programs alongside the nursery schools to help to Feed the Children, Grow the Community and Impact the Future.


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Wed 14 Dec

Okay local Mphatso family, next grocery shop before Christmas, can you please add a tin of baby formula to your shop? Robyn...

Wed 09 Mar

UNICEF have recently released a video showing the dire situation in Malawi with the current food shortage (see below), many...

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Have you ever wondered how to better connect with a developing country like Malawi? Have you wanted to be involved in alleviating poverty but felt overwhelmed by the need? Did you know that 5 cents can provide a child with nutrient enriched porridge? Making a difference is as simple as making a start! In this section you will find a number of inspiring stories of how individuals and groups of all ages have become involved and made a difference in Malawi. Be encouraged, be inspired, be involved!
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