The committee


Our Australian volunteers speak regularly in schools, churches and in other community settings to raise awareness of the work of Mphatso Children’s Foundation Malawi as well as the issues and impact of poverty, in particular in rural areas. Our volunteers have themselves been to Malawi, experiencing firsthand the work of Mphatso as well as being exposed to the impact of poverty on the local people. These sessions are interactive, where possible, and focus on the difference that an individual can make in alleviating poverty in developing countries. We focus on providing practical ways to be involved whether it is through Mphatso Children’s Foundation or other organisations. A newsletter is also published bi-monthly to inform and educate people on what is happening in the work of Mphatso in Malawi as well as opportunities to be involved in fundraising in Australia.

A group of committed people work throughout the year to raise funds for the work of Mphatso Children’s Foundation. This involves organising events, helping to co-ordinate events initiated by other individuals and groups, and designing and selling calendars, diaries and now a cookbook. They also oversee direct debits and other forms of fundraising.