UNICEF have recently released a video showing the dire situation in Malawi with the current food shortage (see below), many who have seen this clip have expressed a desire to be able to help those in Malawi affected by the drought. We want to act on this and give you a special opportunity to respond to this situation. We would like to give maize to those in our community who are extremely vulnerable. The group we would like to initially support are our HIV women’s group, a group of about 35. We also hope to distribute some maize to others in our region to help them through this difficult time. A tin of Maize (about a 20Kg bucket), is presently about 5000 Malawian Kwacha, which is $10 Australian. If you want to help support this, please go to donate section of this website. Please include 'Maize Appeal' in the subject line of any deposit. Please know that 100% of whatever is given will go to help these people. Thank you for your time and ongoing support Mark ‘Johno’ Johnstone (President of Mphatso Children’s Foundation) https://www.facebook.com/unicef/videos/10153867863834002/