Big Bash Cricket

What an amazing day!  A group of Mphatso volunteers manned a tent filled with Mphatso goodies in Ballarat and we were able to tell people 'why we do what we do' as well as do some fundraising. A practice game between Melbourne renegades and DLCA was being held and in honor of Alan Parker, a huge supporter of Mphatso and also a lover of cricket especially his beloved Golden point Cricket Club, we were invited to have a presence on the day with the ability to tell people about Mphatso as well as do some fundraising. So many people pitched in and helped from the Ballarat council, TAC 'wipe off 5' crew, Golden Point cricket club and of course the Parker family. Great cricket, great conversations, great day, and we also raised some money! Thank you so, so much to everyone who helped.


Run for Porridge

Naomi Morley decided to run a half marathon to raise money for Mphatso Children’s Foundation. While Naomi is a regular runner she had never run this far before but she set out to do some training and work towards her 22 km goal. Well not only did she do this, she smashed it!! Naomi didn't bother to check the distance and figured she'd be better off running too far rather than not far enough. Unbeknown to her she ran somewhere between 25 and 27km's!! And what’s more she finished beautifully!! Well done Naomi and all who sponsored her, always makes a run less painful knowing it will ease someone else's hunger!!

Parker party

 Scott and Jen Parker decided that instead of getting presents for their birthdays they would invite people to donate money, then they thought maybe they'd have an African party, then all of a sudden they had a fundraising event on their hands! This gorgeous couple invited people to attend and told them what the night was about and next thing they knew people were donating time, services and money! There was an auction, delicious African food and heaps of fun. In the midst of this they managed to raise over $3000! This money has been used to rebuild a nursery school in an area where it was desperately needed, so a huge thank you to Scott and Jen and to everyone who attended, what an amazing result!

Kurt's hair

Kurt Torrance has had long hair for a long time, very long hair. But in an extraordinary gesture of generosity Kurt chose to shave his hair off to raise money to support Mphatso Children’s Foundation. At the Big Thank You night he did it! Well actually those who donated the most money did it, they shaved Kurt’s hair. In order to raise a little more money he said that those who gave the most could do what they liked with his hair! Very brave move on Kurt’s behalf! He raised an unbelievable $2000! This money will make such a huge amount of difference to those we work with in Malawi! So a huge thank you to Kurt and all of those who sponsored him!!

    • Girls wearing pyjamas

Wearing pyjamas for a great cause

These gorgeous girls wore there pyjamas all day (including to church) to raise money for Mphatso Childrens Foundation. They raised over $600 which is truly amazing and goes to show that you are never too young to make a difference. Thank you so much girls and everyone who helped out by sponsoring them!