Thank you for choosing to donate to Mphatso Children’s Foundation. We will ensure that your kind gift goes directly to assisting those most in need in Malawi through our various programs which are designed to bring hope to these communities by Feeding the children, Growing the community and Impacting the future. 

How would you like to direct your donation? (General or Robyn?)

Support Robyn Casey

Robyn, the founder of Mphatso Children’s Foundation, has worked and served alongside our Malawian staff for more than a decade. Robyn is the ‘on the ground’ person initiating all our projects and overseeing all operations in Africa. Predominantly self-funded and relying only on personal donations Robyn receives no funds from Mphatso Children’s Foundation to support her own living expenses. If you would like to enable Robyn to continue her invaluable work please mark your donation ‘Robyn’.


Donate to Mphatso’s general fund

Please join us in 'Feeding the Children, Growing the Community and Impacting the Future'.

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Where do the donations go?

Up to 1000 children a day are enrolled in our nursery schools and 80 babies receive formula on our feeding program. Aside from these very effective outreaches Mphatso Children’s Foundation invests heavily into community development. These programs and provisions include but are not limited to: Training teachers, local staff wages, mosquito nets, construction and building resources, bible training and study groups, emergency disaster response, positive living groups for those effected by HIV and much more.
We provide holistic and long term interventions from the prospective that each individual regardless of their age, gender, beliefs or socioeconomic status is made in God’s precious image. No child, woman or man should have to live in poverty and through love, education, dignity and hope we aim to achieve that goal.