By choosing to give something from this gift catalogue you are choosing to give a gift that will change a life. Giving from this gift catalogue also allows you to choose how you would like your donation to be spent. Each gift purchased here will allow Robyn to give to someone in Malawi a much needed resource and enable Mphatso to make a difference in many more lives.

How to order

Simply choose what you would like to purchase from this gift catalogue and then move to the ‘donate’ section of this website where you can follow the prompts to ensure that your gift is received by those needing it in Malawi. If you would like to order a Calendar, diary or cookbook please use the ‘contact us’ section and provide us with delivery details.


These cookbooks have been lovingly put together by an amazing team of women who not only collected these fabulous recipes but have put them together in this gorgeous book to raise funds for Mphatso. Each cookbook sold will raise funds for Mphatso's ongoing work in Malawi.

Price: $25.00


Calendars can be purchased for $10 each. Not only do these raise awareness of the work that Mphatso Children's Foundation do but they also raise money to assist with the running of Mphatso's programs in Malawi.

Price: $10.00

Support Robyn Casey

Robyn has worked and served alongside our Malawi staff for ten years now and receives no income for doing so. Robyn relies entirely on money given directly to support her and takes no money for herself from Mphatso Children;s Foundation. Without Robyn's tireless efforts Mphatso Children's Foundation could not continue. Any gift given for Robyn will enable her to continue with this valuable...

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Price: $50.00