By choosing to give something from this gift catalogue you are choosing to give a gift that will change a life. Giving from this gift catalogue also allows you to choose how you would like your donation to be spent. Each gift purchased here will allow Robyn to give to someone in Malawi a much needed resource and enable Mphatso to make a difference in many more lives.

How to order

Simply choose what you would like to purchase from this gift catalogue and then move to the ‘donate’ section of this website where you can follow the prompts to ensure that your gift is received by those needing it in Malawi. If you would like to order a Calendar, diary or cookbook please use the ‘contact us’ section and provide us with delivery details.


These cookbooks have been lovingly put together by an amazing team of women who not only collected these fabulous recipes but have put them together in this gorgeous book to raise funds for Mphatso. Each cookbook sold will raise funds for Mphatso's ongoing work in Malawi.

Price: $25.00


Calendars can be purchased for $10 each. Not only do these raise awareness of the work that Mphatso Children's Foundation do but they also raise money to assist with the running of Mphatso's programs in Malawi.

Price: $10.00

Porridge Feeding Program

This will provide 200 children with a bowl of porridge which is often their only meal of the day. Starvation and malnutrition are huge issues in Malawi

Price: $10.00

Support Robyn Casey

Robyn has worked and served alongside our Malawi staff for ten years now and receives no income for doing so. Robyn relies entirely on money given directly to support her and takes no money for herself from Mphatso Children;s Foundation. Without Robyn's tireless efforts Mphatso Children's Foundation could not continue. Any gift given for Robyn will enable her to continue with this valuable...

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Price: $50.00

Maize Mill Expenses.

By running our own maize mill we are able to mill maize for our many programs As well as provide cheaper milling to those in the community.

Price: $50.00

Fishing Nets.

With over 500 species of fresh water fish in Lake Malawi, a fishing net can provide not only food for a needy family, but also the much needed health benefits of protein and Omega 3.

Price: $30.00

Emergency Food Relief

Robyn is approached daily for food as so many of the community are starving to death. This money will give Robyn the opportunity to support families desperately in need.

Price: $25.00

Housing Materials.

Such a small gift can provide 100 metres of black plastic to provide emergency roofing and shelter to devastated families in the rainy season.

Price: $20.00

Car repairs/expenses

With very little transport it is vital to have a car up and running.Your money will provide distribution of nursery school supplies and emergency transport.

Price: $20.00

Baby Feeding Program

Sadly many women die during or soon after childbirth leaving babies in the care of family members unable to feed them. Many women are also so unwell with HIV/AIDS that they are unable to feed their babies themselves. A gift of formula will give these babies a chance to live a healthy life.

Price: $25.00

Building Maintenance

This money will go towards the organisation for maintaining and building facilities that will help with the running of programs in Malawi.

Price: $10.00

Adopt a Family

Cost of food is rising and many families struggle to feed, clothe and educate their children. $10 will help to improve the opportunities of families and  supplement their incomes

Price: $10.00

Adopt a Teacher

42% of the Malawi population are illiterate with many children leaving school early. By adopting a teacher you help ensure that children get the pre-school education that enables
better school performance and attendance.

Price: $10.00

Mosquito Net.

Malaria needlessly kills 3,000 children every day. Those lucky enough to survive to the age of 5 will then suffer an average of 9.7 episodes of malaria each year. This can be helped by simply sleeping under a Mosquito Net

Price: $10.00

Health/First Aid supplies

Your money will provide vital medical supplies along with every day hygiene items that we take for granted, which will improve the health and well being of each individual.

Price: $25.00