Feeding the children, Growing the community and Impacting the Future.

This has been the key message of Mphatso Children’s Foundation for many years because we believe that it is the way to bring slow positive change to the communities we are a part of.  We feed over 1,000 children each day through our nursery school programs because we know that without good nutrition, children are unable to develop physically and academically to reach their full potential. The bowl of nutritionally enhanced porridge, that we provide each of our students daily, allows them one good meal a day regardless of their family’s circumstance. This proves especially important during the “hungry months”, between crops, when many children can go without a proper meal for days. Nursery Schools don’t just feed the children, they also provide a rich, stimulating class environment with qualified nursery teachers. The children learn numeracy, literacy and are developed physically and socially through an interactive program. This better prepares them for school, increasing primary school attendance at our local schools.
Alongside our nursery school program we also feed a number of babies and infants through our baby feeding program. This is designed to provide life giving nutrition to babies whose mothers have died or are too unwell to feed them. Without this program these babies would not survive. We provide formula and as they get older, nutrient enriched maize porridge. They are also routinely weighed and checked for any other health issues.
To grow a community you need to be a part of a community. Mphatso seeks to do this in both formal and informal ways. Informally, Mphatso provides a fun and safe environment in which children can play. Toy animals, cars, dolls and dress-ups are used almost daily by children after school. Mphatso also provides sporting equipment and sponsorship to local football and netball teams. In a more formal capacity Mphatso Children’s Foundation provides sewing groups, English classes, a Positive Living group and Bible study groups where people from the community can gather together, support each other and learn together.
Everything we do is done in consult with local staff to ensure that we have the greatest possible impact for positive change in our community moving into the future. Our emphasis on children’s nutrition and education is designed to improve the future of each child as well as the community that they live in. By providing English classes and sewing groups we hope to enhance the earning potential of women and men in our communities by giving them greater skills. We sponsor some children with academic potential within our local high school and are currently sponsoring some students at a private school to allow them to reach their potential and impact not only their own futures, but those of their families and communities. The lives that we impact now are the ones that will impact the future of Malawi.